William Beveridge

A 20-year welfare plan

Frank Field MP  |  26 June 2012

The prime minister obviously likes shooting from the hip, exercising his skills this weekend. As a true heir-to-Blair the weekend press was softened up with the punchlines of the speech he made yesterday. If good headlines were the aim then the exercise must count as a success. PM to crack down on the under-25s roared …

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Breaking the silence on housing

David Talbot  |  29 March 2012

Over the past few months an issue that has received scant political attention over the past few decades became the most emotive issue not only in Westminster, but across the land. It sparked a petition of nearly a quarter of a million; organisations ranging from Campaign to Protect Rural England to the National Federation of …

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A tale of two bills

Editorial  |  28 February 2012

On health, Labour has opposed well but is yet to present an alternative. The inverse is true on welfare While neither have yet run their course, the two major political battles that Labour has fought against the coalition so far this year – to defeat the health and welfare reform bills – appear to be …

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Thinking eugenics

Paul Richards  |  17 February 2012

While holed up in the Travelodge, Euston last night (oh, the glamour) I caught the end of a discussion on Radio 4 with Jonathon Freedland, who, writing as Sam Bourne, has a new thriller out. It’s called Pantheon, and it’s about wartime Oxford, with its checkpoints, spies and blacked-out windows. The protagonist delves into a …

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Keep centre

Liam Byrne MP  |  30 January 2012

Labour needs to find a new way back to a new centre-ground, argues Liam Byrne In the 1990s, progressives learned an important lesson about how to win elections: we built wide coalitions; we held firm to traditional values; but we freed the political mind for new solutions, new methods, new ways of doing business. We …

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Beyond Beveridge

Angela Smith MP  |  23 June 2011

Reponsibility Agenda: As a young girl I would sometimes observe one of our neighbours arriving home from work. At the same time every night he would drive up to his gates in his polished old car. He would amble over in his blue overalls to open the gates and pick up two wooden blocks,

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What would Keir Hardie make of Labour 111 years on?

Greg Rosen  |  27 February 2011

Keir Hardie's first manifesto included three key aims: home rule, a minimum wage and temperance. It took until the Blair-Brown governments to achieve the first two. The third aim slipped into quiet obscurity.

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The Fairytale of No Work

Jos Bell  |  21 December 2010

In a seasonal offering, Jos Bell finds one of the most popular Christmas tunes of recent decades strangely familiar to the way we seem to be going in the ConDemNation...

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Alan Johnson’s gamble

The Progressive  |  9 November 2010

The spending review was Labour's great opportunity. Was it allowed to slip away? asks the Progressive, a new column in Progress Magazine

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