William Hague

British Labour and Conservative Leaders

Richard Carr  |  2 October 2015

At the last five general elections the British public has voted in favour of a prime minister who offers centrism, charisma, competence and confidence. Labour’s response to this has been to replace Ed Miliband with Jeremy Corbyn. For some it may be difficult to know where to begin with that. Fortunately BiteBack’s edited volumes on …

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Always underestimated

Jonathan Todd  |  1 September 2015

David Cameron may yet lead the Conservatives into the next general election, argues Jonathan Todd Tony Blair, I was told by someone who spoke to him at the time, was confident when David Cameron became Conservative party leader that he would go the same way as the previous Tory leaders that he had gone head …

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Will they ever stop banging on about Europe?

Angela Eagle MP  |  29 October 2014

I began Business of the House questions by raising the three defeats we inflicted on the government in the House of Lords this week on their plans for judicial review. A brace of ex-Tory cabinet ministers backed our amendments, while a former lord chief justice described the government’s plans to block dissent as an ‘elective …

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Hammond time

James Denselow  |  17 July 2014

While the departure of Michael Gove may have dominated the headlines and sparked a debate as to the direction of the coalition’s education policy – William Hague’s departure from the Foreign Office and replacement with Philip Hammond has gone largely unnoticed in comparison. Hammond is one of the middle-aged white men to survive what people …

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PMQs in the shadow of the reshuffle

Sally Gimson  |  16 July 2014

There were some pretty discontented former ministers scattered round the House of Commons this lunchtime. The reshuffle has taken its toll. Former secretary of state for education Michael Gove looked particularly disenchanted. He was officially revealed today in the Evening Standard as the most unpopular politician in Britain. Former defence minister Andrew Robathan, banished to backbenches, …

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Hard truths

Editorial  |  30 May 2014

Last month’s local and European elections bore all the hallmarks of a dress rehearsal for next year’s general election. So what do they tell us about how ready Labour is for opening night in May 2015? In a number of places with key marginal seats – Cambridge, Stevenage, Crawley, and Hastings – Labour made strong …

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The Russia dilemma

Kirsty McNeill and Andrew Small  |  21 March 2014

Britain’s political class did not distinguish itself in its immediate response to the Crimean crisis. A zoom lens outside Downing Street which captured Cabinet Office papers in the hands of an unguarded official seemed to reveal yet more evidence that the protection of the City trumps any other strategic instincts for this government. Labour, meanwhile, …

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Shirley Williams: The Biography

Giles Radice  |  19 November 2013

Mark Peel has written a perceptive, balanced and well-researched biography of Shirley Williams, one of the most gifted politicians of the last half-century. She was a Labour cabinet minister from 1974 to 1979, one of the founders of the Social Democratic party, and a former leader of the Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords. …

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How Worcester woman became Aldi mum

Caroline Flint MP  |  2 July 2013

Mondeo man and Worcester woman dominated political talk in the 1990s. Who are today’s equivalents, asks Caroline Flint It might seem like a contradiction, but to elect a ‘One Nation’ Labour government in 2015 will require careful targeting. Like any political party, we only have so much time and money we can spend on our …

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Northern blues

Hopi Sen  |  1 July 2013

David Skelton thinks he can revive the Tories’ fortunes in the north. Hopi Sen assesses his chances It is early morning on 8 May 2020. The re-elected Conservative MP for Halifax is recovering in bed. It was a long count last night, but already she must get back to work. Watching the politics news stream …

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