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Now for public services, Ed

Robert Philpot  |  13 January 2012

After a shaky start to the new year, Ed Miliband’s speech this week served not only to steady the ship but introduce a welcome injection of reality into Labour’s internal economic debate. Perhaps most importantly, he began to grapple with the fundamental issue that will be facing the party over the next decade: what is …

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Out on the doorstep

  |  1 April 2011

Read on for your handy guides to print off and take out to the campaign doorstep about voting yes to AV, and Labour and the economy... 

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Cold comfort

Hilary Evans  |  14 October 2010

As rumours fly that the winter fuel payment is also set to be axed, Hilary Evans of Age UK explains how fuel poverty has risen, and that the consequences of losing the payment are not just serious; they could be deadly.

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