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Class warfare never helped anyone

Dom Anderson  |  20 April 2017

John McDonnell’s suggestion that those earning £70,000 per year are ‘rich’ is the kind of policy that alienates voters from all economic backgrounds, argues Dom Anderson Back in January I wrote this piece setting out why Labour could not risk turning itself into a party that punishes success and penalises aspiration. Everything I wrote then the …

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We win when we seek the common ground

Alison McGovern MP  |  1 April 2017

Full text of the opening speech of Progress political weekend 2017, given by Progress chair Alison McGovern MP: Hello everyone and welcome to Progress political weekend 2017. Before I start I just want to thank Richard, Matthew, Laura, Conor, Jerome and the whole team at Progress for all the work they have done in organising …

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A movement without motion

Gabriel Gavin  |  16 February 2017

The agonising descent of Labour under Jeremy Corbyn is a symptom of the party’s lack of ideas, argues Gabriel Gavin Last week’s rumours of Jeremy Corbyn’s political demise now seem to have been greatly exaggerated. For some, the inevitable departure of the worst leader of the opposition in living memory is a cure-all for Labour’s ailments. …

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Class action

Kitty Ussher  |  11 October 2016

We need to think differently about the class divisions in today’s society, says Kitty Ussher Sometimes it feels very un-British to talk about class. But, without it, we struggle to get a handle on the tensions in British society today, let alone what can be done about them. The importance of class considerations in the foundation …

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Rights to remain

John Mann MP  |  13 July 2016

Labour has not yet stood up for workers Labour needs to get on the front foot and demand clear and unambiguous rights for workers. It is extraordinary that in the post-referendum period an opposition day resolution has not already been tabled to enable a parliamentary vote to precisely and specifically endorse this. The Labour heartlands, for better …

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The Myth of Meritocracy: Why Working Class Kids Still Get Working Class Jobs

Rushanara Ali MP  |  16 June 2016

When Michael Young coined the word ‘meritocracy’ in 1958, it was to describe a dystopian society stratified, not by class, but by intelligence tests and academic attainment. It was written as satire and meant as a warning. It was a dig at the contemporary education system, which separated the elite from the masses by means of an examination …

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Respectable – The Experience of Class

Justin Madders MP  |  12 May 2016

This is a very personal account of the author’s own life and her move into the middle classes. Covering her time growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, there are plenty of references to life then and pop culture that anyone who grew up at that time will recognise. The suggestion that Erasure were a …

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Tribal politics is dead; both ours, and theirs

Christabel Edwards  |  11 May 2016

It has been a hard election; our position has barely changed and my own small market town was no exception. Our terrific Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner candidate, Lucinda Preston, scored third place across the county, though a very clear first in Lincoln itself, one of our target seats. Sadly it was the significant Ukip …

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A new language is needed

Ros McMullen  |  27 May 2015

Social mobility matters because everyone wants their lives to get easier economically, have better health and more fulfilling and enjoyable leisure time.  Everyone wants this and, perhaps even more importantly, wants it for their children.  The vast majority of people would prefer to have this not be at the expense of others.  Indeed most people …

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Think differently about the state

Editorial  |  10 February 2015

It is the poor – those for whom Labour claims to fight the hardest – who are the greatest victims of low-quality public services Public service reform has long been derided by some on the left as unnecessary, technocratic and harmful to public sector workers. Worse still, an electorally calculated sop to the middle classes. …

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