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The party of opportunity?

Hopi Sen  |  9 January 2015

Conservative thinktank Renewal’s new pamphlet The Party of Opportunity is intended to blow away the idea that the Conservative party is only for braying public schoolboys and hard-faced men who have done well out of capitalism. In the pamphlet 14 Tory members of parliament from working-class backgrounds share their life stories and relate what in …

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Speak for England

Maurice Glasman  |  7 November 2014

There are good reasons Labour has been reluctant to talk about England. More than any other party it has been unionist and has support throughout the kingdom. The generosity of the settlement, in which Scotland has greater representation and money, was not something that Labour wished to draw attention to. England is 10 times the …

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After Heywood

Deborah Mattinson  |  29 October 2014

Labour must learn why it has lost so many voters, especially men, argues Deborah Mattinson Labour suffered what one shadow cabinet member described as a ‘near-death experience’ in Heywood and Middleton last month. Had the worst actually happened then maybe something would have changed. Instead, general election coordinator Douglas Alexander was insistent that no change …

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The dangers of dog-whistle democracy

Phoebe Griffith  |  9 October 2014

From Matthew Parris’ call on the Conservative party to ‘let go of Clacton’ to John McTernan’s plea to for Labour to avoid doomed saloon politics, recent debates about class in Britain paint a picture of a society starkly divided. On the one side are the financially secure and university-educated who have everything to gain from …

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Inequality and the three Ws

Claire Reynolds  |  26 June 2014

Inequality in the United Kingdom is growing. The scale and significance of the problem cannot be under estimated. As Oxfam highlighted last week, the United Nations Open Working Group has declared the UK one of the least equal countries in the developed world. No longer is this simply the discourse of the left and the third …

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Farage is cynically exploiting working-class insecurities

Liam Andrew  |  21 May 2014

Labour must reclaim the white working class Last month, Nigel Farage launched United Kingdom Independence party’s election campaign in my home town of Sheffield. Why did this right-wing, privately educated, south-east MEP choose South Yorkshire to launch his campaign? Since 2009, both Ukip and the BNP have represented Yorkshire in the European parliament. In the …

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The workers’ party? More salt please

Hopi Sen  |  27 February 2014

I have been away from Britain this week. I returned to read that the Tories were branding themselves as the workers’ party, complete with speeches from working-class hero Sir John Major and that pound shop Tony Blair lookalike, Grant Shapps. My first reaction was to be sad I missed the hilarity and annoyance at the …

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Why working-class kids still get working-class jobs

James Bloodworth  |  30 October 2013

Most of us will remain in the same social class as our parents and the same social class as their parents before them. It is a sobering thought. Despite the feel-good rhetoric of the self-help industry and the warm words of politicians, a child born into a poor family is almost certain to remain poor …

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‘Watch the share, not the gap’

Lewis Baston  |  25 October 2013

The usual pattern for opinion polling over conference season is that each party gets a shortlived bump in support stemming from their conference, but the effect vanishes quickly and within a couple of weeks of the end of the Conservative conference the parties’ poll ratings will be back to where they were before any of …

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Recapturing Carlisle

Richard Angell  |  1 August 2013

Sound and fury rages again around the preponderance, or not, of Oxbridge-educated Labour party candidates. Much of the outrage bypasses a public only tangentially aware of this very Labour debate and its internal dance, but there remains a sense among the voters that more authentic, ‘real life’ parliamentarians are needed. And, if perception is truth, …

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