Yvette Cooper

Anger issues

Emma Bean  |  5 September 2017

Women in politics and the public eye are facing intolerable abuse – and it can only serve to put others off, reports Emma Bean The price to pay for being in the public sphere seems to be a barrage of attacks from all sides. Intimidation and tweets threatening attacks on you and your family now seem …

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Labour women must lead the way again

Sally Keeble  |  10 April 2017

A new generation of Labour women can redefine Labour values in the way the last generation did while the party was in government, writes former minister Sally Keeble Labour did not just change the externals: record satisfaction rates in the National Health Service, a Northern Ireland agreement, higher educational standards, a modernising economy. We also transformed …

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Did Labour’s centre-left revival begin in Liverpool?

Joe Jervis  |  4 October 2016

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s second victory it may be all too easy to assume that ‘things can only get worse’ for the centre-left. While walking past the ‘Cool Britannia’ shops that mark Liverpool’s tourist hotspots, just minutes from Labour’s conference venue, it was difficult not to hark back to an era when Labour oppositions were in …

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Sure Start closures: there is always an alternative

Michael Pavey  |  15 April 2016

Labour councillors are the frontline in protecting Sure Start. Responsibility for Sure Start cuts and closures ultimately rests squarely with the government. But town halls always have the opportunity to find alternatives to closure. Labour Friends of Sure Start’s latest pamphlet aims to empower councillors and activists: to show that alternative ideas are out there …

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There are 
‘top jobs’

Ellie Gellard  |  15 March 2016

Sitting in the Queen Elizabeth Centre on a Saturday September morning I watched as the Labour party slammed on the brakes and hit reverse – and I had a back row seat. The outright rejection of so many highly capable women on the leadership ballot felt almost personal. As a Labour woman I had always assumed …

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Labour’s missing project

Editorial  |  9 December 2015

You cannot lead a social democratic party without an economic project. Respect them as we do, none of the ‘Anyone But Corbyn’ candidates had one. Each had economic policy but no project. Andy Burnham’s attempt to be pro-business spurred his hard-left supporters to put Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot paper; Yvette Cooper had good ideas …

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Insider out

The Insider  |  27 September 2015

Another dispatch from inside the Westminster village As we are in a new world, perhaps we should rename this column. The insider is now firmly outside, cold and shivering. Sometimes courtiers discover larger forces at work. So it is today. There has been a peasants’ revolt against New Labour’s nobility. Fair play to them. Last month Jeremy Corbyn …

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Modernising modernisers

Richard Angell  |  25 September 2015

The result of the Labour leadership election was hurtful – to pretend otherwise would be untrue. I think the candidate that I supported did a brilliant job – tough though her task was. As Jeremy Corbyn said, Liz Kendall ‘absolutely stands up for what she believes in’. Yvette Cooper came out and changed government policy on refugees. …

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The trade union bill – unnecessary, centralising, sectarian

Richard Angell  |  14 September 2015

Lots has changed this weekend. One that has not is the Tory government’s attempt to destroy Labour, and the movement with which we share a name, history and future. And the first thing on the agenda as we emerge from a long leadership election is the trade union bill – the second reading is tonight. …

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Foundations of sand

Alex Sanderson  |  4 September 2015

The most striking thing about last night’s debate is that no one with a vote seemed to actually be listening. This was clear from the polls conducted by Sky News before and after the debate. At the beginning of the programme the audience were asked who they wanted to win, and Jeremy Corbyn came first …

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