The Campaign for a Labour Majority

On the frontline

Lewis Baston  |  4 June 2013

Last month saw the launch of Progress’ Campaign for a Labour Majority. Lewis Baston profiles the 40 seats which will determine the size of Ed Miliband’s majority ———————————————- While it will only take a small swing to make the possibility of a Labour coalition or minority government a reality, to win a working majority that …

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Ed Miliband backs the Campaign for a Labour Majority

Progress  |  4 June 2013

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN FOR A LABOUR MAJORITY: Visit the website Read Peter Kellner’s analysis, Majority Rules, on the challenges that face Labour in the time that remains till the 2015 general election The chance and the danger: Five steps for Labour to win – by Peter Mandelson – and five steps for …

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Beating the blues

Steve Van Riel  |  16 May 2013

Ed Miliband has accomplished much over the past two years. The battle to win a majority in 2015 will open a new phase in his leadership, writes Steve Van Riel For the last two years, wherever Ed Miliband has chosen to focus his political energy he has had a great deal of success. Nick Clegg’s …

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The work begins today

David Talbot  |  13 May 2013

As the dust settles from an inconclusive bout of county council elections, which left all, now four, party leaders with much to ponder, eyes flicker to the looming general election two years hence. Before that, though, UKIP seem almost certain to top the poll in the European elections next May. The mystery will be whether …

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Why we need a Labour majority

Stephen Twigg MP  |  13 May 2013

With only two years to go until the general election, the scale of the challenge to achieving a majority Labour government is not one that is lost on me or my colleagues in the shadow cabinet. I know from visiting our battleground seats – Labour’s 106 offensive target parliamentary seats that we would need to …

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A majority within reach

Editorial  |  10 May 2013

The general elections of 1945, 1979 and 1997 are rightly deemed to be milestones in postwar British political history. But if Ed Miliband leads Labour to victory in 2015, that achievement will instantly earn itself a place in the history books. Put to one side Labour’s narrow win in February 1974 – when it won …

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