This House

A family affair

Anna Turley MP  |  30 October 2017

James Graham’s Labour of Love showcases our party’s greatest asset – its people, writes Anna Turley Having heard great things about the play This House, that I had never got the chance to see, I was determined not to miss James Graham’s latest political play Labour of Love – and rushed to get tickets on its …

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‘Where the majority of politics happens’

Conor Pope and Richard Angell  |  6 September 2017

James Graham tells Richard Angell and Conor Pope why his new play Labour of Love is set in a ‘grotty’ constituency Labour party office Even in the final weeks of summer, an election poster still remains up in a window a few doors down from the London rehearsal room where Labour of Love, the new …

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This House: The honour in political machinery

Richard Angell  |  1 December 2016

James Graham’s play, This House, exploring the working-class heroes in the whips’ office –  who fought the Tories and hard left to keep a Labour government in office – feels more poignant now than when it first opened in 2012. Reopening at the Garrick Theatre, Graham’s masterpiece shows the use of tactics, corralling the ‘odds …

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From Westminster to the National

Alison McGovern MP  |  24 May 2013

It’s a very strange experience to leave your place of work, head across the river to the National Theatre and see your place of work portrayed by actors on the stage there. To see the very room you just left recreated for the audience to see. To hear the language that hums though the building …

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This House

Greg Rosen  |  21 February 2013

Both British political drama and political comedy has struggled to depict politicians as being anything other than fools, as in Yes, Minister and The Thick of It, or villains, as in House of Cards. Where there is an alternative portrayal, as in Chris Mullin’s A Very British Coup, they are a lone voice of honest …

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