Beware ‘the tyranny of the like’

Leo Gibbons-Plowright  |  12 September 2016

During the lead-up to the 2015 general election I thought the tide was turning in Labour’s favour – everywhere around me people were commenting positively on scrapping non-dom statuses, ‘liking’ the mansion tax, and posting about it on Facebook. Based on what I had seen around me, I believed on polling day that Labour would edge to …

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The Last Word … Hat’s entertainment

Jamie Reed MP  |  17 July 2015

Terrible, isn’t it? How can a grown man take a pun, an unrecognisable one at that, and seek to turn it into an introduction for an article ostensibly dedicated to serious political discourse? The answer, of course, is Twitter … Cinema Paradiso If you’re a parent you’ll appreciate the bone-grinding intensity of summer cinema. I’m …

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The Twitterati’s digital censure

Adam Harrison  |  10 December 2013

It was an extraordinary leap by most standards, even for British journalism. The headline ‘Labour: We’ll scrap benefits for under 25s’ in the Daily Telegraph at the end of last month provoked a storm of online outrage and counter-outrage as the Twitterati crowded into the echo chamber to revel in mutual indignation and demand that …

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Digital diplomats

Natalie Cox  |  7 November 2013

Embassies used to be able to enlighten visiting dignitaries with all sorts of privileged information that would make them look like they had local knowhow that no else could offer. But not any more. Most of what an embassy can tell you before you visit is now available online, via global media and is updated …

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Dawn of the digital

Georgia Hussey  |  4 April 2013

Winning the communications battle online is now an inescapable reality for parties wishing to reach younger voters, writes Georgia Hussey SET against a backdrop of high unemployment and slow growth, the re-election of Barack Obama was a feat that has not gone unnoticed this side of the Atlantic in the run-up to 2015 British general …

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The revolution will not be tweeted

Jordan Newell  |  27 March 2013

Last week, Colchester Borough Council voted through a motion that could see local councillors banned from using Twitter during council meetings. After a debate lasting more than two hours, a motion on the use of Twitter in the chamber – that was later voided by legal experts – was lost by 22 votes to 29. …

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Who owns the future?

Theo Blackwell  |  18 March 2013

Jaron Lanier’s message in Who Owns the Future is that the digital revolution has propelled us to the start of an advanced information-based economy, ripe for exploitation by new digital elites before we’ve even started thinking about its fundamental impacts on the general population. Lanier himself is a computer scientist, not an economist nor a …

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Better together

James Adams  |  29 August 2012

The Olympic Games gave an interesting backdrop to the start of the Better Together ground campaign, with Saturday marking the first campaigning weekend. From Alex Salmond’s ‘Scolympians’ to Mo Farah – the temptation for politicos to muse on the Olympic impact on the referendum debate proved too great. As the #bettertogether hashtag zipped across Twitter …

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140 characters does not make an electoral platform

Joel Braunold  |  21 June 2012

With the selection of Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee and the implosion of Americans Elect from the process, unable to find a candidate for their ticket, we know the full set up for the election in November. With the clearing of the field the polls have both candidates jockeying for position, each week being …

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Why a tweet may kill

Denis MacShane MP  |  13 February 2012

Can a tweet kill? Yes, if you live in Saudi Arabia and have Interpol working for the killers. All a 23-year-old Saudi provincial journalist, Hamza Kashgari, did was tweet last February, on the anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Mohammed. His tweet read: ‘On the day of your birth, I find you wherever I …

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