Brighton bound

Luke Akehurst  |  29 August 2017

Will Momentum, the National Executive Committee and the leader’s office break Labour’s unity with hostile rule changes at party conference? Labour party annual conference 2017 will operate on two levels. Publicly, the unexpectedly good performance for Labour in the June general election means that there will be a celebratory mood and frontbench speakers, particularly Jeremy Corbyn, are …

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The Lansman tapes

The Insider  |  30 March 2017

Delayed: the 2020 service from opposition Like everything else the Labour party turns its hand to these days, the preparation for the Manchester Gorton byelection has not gone smoothly. The local party, having been suspended in the summer, still has a number of restrictions on it. The decision over when to go to the polls was delayed, as was …

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Samson waiting

James Bloodworth  |  15 December 2015

Corbynism will not burn itself out, predicts James Bloodworth The long-term aim of the far left is very different to that of Labour’s moderates – and not only in terms of a political programme. Whereas the Labour mainstream places a great deal of emphasis on winning general elections, the far left is far more interested …

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Truth or dare

The Insider  |  14 December 2015

Despairing, mutinous, disgusted, shell-shocked, aghast, angry. The adjectives journalists use to describe the mood of Labour members of parliament when it comes to their leader are growing in variety and ferocity. They do not understate the discontent. Two months into the Corbyn era and the mood in the parliamentary Labour party is growing ever bleaker, at …

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The cost of being a candidate

Jon Wheale  |  17 September 2015

I have been asked to write a few words about the cost of being a prospective parliamentary candidate. Where to begin? The first thing to say is that I remain convinced that being selected as the PPC for my party and for my home town was an enormous privilege – a life event which I …

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Let’s make Ed’s reforms work

Luke Akehurst  |  9 July 2013

I hope with today’s bold announcement about party reform, following on the heels of economic and welfare policy announcements, fellow members who like me are on the right of the Labour party, but unlike me didn’t vote for Ed as Leader, get what the qualities were that I saw in Ed back in 2010. Ed …

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Better than a Blairite speech

Stephen Bush  |  9 July 2013

In the end, what it really comes down to is what you think the role of ordinary trade unionists should be in the Labour party: should they be active and engaged, or should they exist to be invoked in favour of arguments you’ve already lost? On the ‘active and engaged’ side of the argument is …

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Miliband can succeed where Blair failed

Paul Richards  |  5 July 2013

In my garage, in a sealed crate, behind garden chairs, children’s bikes and a concrete mixer, I have a collection of Conservative Research Department pamphlets. These were produced throughout the 1980s and 1990s to provide propaganda points for Tory supporters on the issue of the day: why sanctions against South Africa will not work, why …

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Len McCluskey is the answer, what’s the question?

Mike Le-Surf  |  3 July 2013

After a respectful exchange between party leaders regarding the troubles in Egypt and the safety of British nationals, the main focus of Ed Miliband’s questions were on education. Not that this bothered David Cameron much as it became clear throughout the session that his main focus was going to be the amount of times he …

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Beyond the bluster

Nita Clarke  |  24 September 2012

Elements of the press would have you believe that now really is the winter of our discontent. Barely a week goes by without reports of union barons planning strikes aimed at bringing the country to its knees. Some have suggested that stike laws need to be tightened further to pre-empt this threat. But beyond the …

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