The dignity of full-time work

Chris Carter  |  17 February 2017

Labour must transform Britain’s workforce if it is to effectively tackle the challenges of the 21st century, writes Chris Carter The challenges of an ageing population are enormous. Skills shortages, healthcare pressures, squeezed public services are but some of the consequences. Britain is ageing. Fast. One per cent of those born in 1908 survived a full century …

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British workers for British jobs

Editorial  |  9 February 2017

A future Labour government must shake-up skills on the scale the last transformed the NHS ‘We toured the country to talk about immigration and came back talking about skills’, shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer tells this magazine (page 20) in his exclusive interview. Putting together this edition went on a similar journey. Whether it was commissions on Brexit, …

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Antisemitism cannot go unchallenged

Joan Ryan MP  |  4 March 2016

Free speech and robust debate have long been at the heart of Britain’s universities. Whether it be on campus or in the classroom, nobody should go to university and not expect to hear the beliefs and ideas they have grown up with challenged, tested and possibly ridiculed. That is all part of the experience of being …

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Lowering student fees will restore the promise of Britain

Tom Bewick  |  27 February 2015

Ed Miliband’s announcement committing a future Labour government to cutting university tuition fees by a third is a game changer in this election. Vice-chancellors will no doubt shout loudly about a funding shortfall. Yet they personally have been cocooned from the great recession, as the inflation busting double-digit pay increases awarded to them over the …

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The know-how economy

Tom Bewick  |  15 March 2013

National Apprenticeship Week belongs to the apprentices and employers who are making a real difference to the country’s skills base. It’s a reminder too of the importance of investing in our future. But for all the ministerial grandstanding, the fact remains that England has – according to the OECD – less than 10 apprentices per …

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Picking priorities

Editorial  |  28 September 2011

Ed Miliband is right to claim the Tories have their priorities wrong. But Labour needs to choose some, too. That the Conservative party is so focused on the abolition of the 50p tax rate is, as Ed Miliband says in his interview with Progress this month, evidence that the political debate is in the wrong …

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