US presidential race 2016

Mourning in America

Ella Crine  |  14 February 2017

The responsibility of office is doing little to change Donald Trump, writes Ella Crine For many, the realisation that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States represented the dawning of a new age. But in the election’s aftermath, analysts gave into wishful thinking about what it all meant: whether his presidency could really be …

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Don’t give up on progressive politics

Richard Angell  |  10 November 2016

‘This is your captain speaking. The new president of in the United States is … Donald Trump’. News that the Barack Obama’s successor is the rightwing orange demigod is met with groans on my flight as I head as far away from last night’s new as is humanly possible. The realisation that there is nowhere …

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In search of a new idealism

Chris Carter  |  10 November 2016

The result of the US president election was a punch in the face. Brexit was a body shot, but this hurt way more. What it means for the future of America and the world remains to be seen. Donald Trump won and won big. Yet one could not help but be left wondering after witnessing online …

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‘We were all wrong’

Charlie Samuda  |  9 November 2016

Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. The unthinkable became the inevitable just after 3am Eastern Time when Hillary Clinton conceded defeat. Like many, I began the night thinking there was little chance that we would ever reach this point, believing instead that demographic data and superior Democratic organisation would be …

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The fight of our lives

Jonathon Hawkes  |  9 November 2016

This fight of the next decade will not be between left and right – those labels have become meaningless in the post-Brexit, post-Trump world. We are witnessing a battle between the pessimism of an anti-politics and a centre ground struggling to adapt to a rapidly changing world There can be no doubt that the twin …

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Letter From … New Hampshire

Charlie Samuda  |  7 November 2016

To get a sense of just how hard it is to be a Republican in a down-ticket race this election, consider the fate of Kelly Ayotte. The junior senator from New Hampshire was first elected in 2010 and is running for a second term against the current Democratic governor, Maggie Hassan. Donald Trump’s nomination presented her with a dilemma: standing too …

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A descent into caricature

Matthew Doyle  |  20 October 2016

Last night’s third and final presidential debate cemented Hillary Clinton’s frontrunner status in an encounter that was depressing to watch for what it said about today’s politics and the likes of Donald Trump. The headlines in America have focused on his answer refusing to commit to accepting the result. Having lived through Brexit, seen the triumph …

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Riding the wave

Charlie Samuda  |  16 September 2016

Up till now it seemed as if Conquest’s third law of politics – that the simplest way to explain the behaviour of any organisation is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies – applied most readily to the Trump campaign. Surely only a Democratic sleeper agent buried deep inside the …

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Details matter

Charlie Samuda  |  29 July 2016

Before she took the stage last night to accept the Democratic nomination for president there was every indication that Hillary Clinton’s speech would be a very personal one. Becoming the first female nominee is a historic achievement as well as an individual one. Plenty of pundits and doubtless some of her staff had been advising …

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November shocker

Robert Philpot  |  15 July 2016

There are ways Donald Trump could win the White House, writes Robert Philpot The image of the words ‘Trump’ gaudily emblazoned above the Truman Balcony must be one of the most frightening sights in the western world. It is one that will make many yearn for the diplomatic skills of George W Bush, the intellectual rigour …

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