King for a day, but schmuck for a lifetime

John McTernan  |  21 March 2014

The Lamborghini Reforms. It’s got a ring about it, hasn’t it? The Liberal Democrat pensions minister Steve Webb has said he is relaxed about the prospect of people cashing in their pension pot and buying an expensive fast car. What is telling is the flippancy. We’re not talking about the lottery, we’re talking about people’s …

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Where are today’s Voltaires?

James Bloodworth  |  16 October 2013

I detest all forms of racism, sexism and bigotry but have no desire for the state to police the opinions of racists, sexists and bigots. I hold, perhaps naively, to George Orwell’s maxim that liberty, if it means anything, is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. That makes me …

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