Welsh Labour

Welsh Labour leading the way

Vaughan Gething AM  |  12 October 2017

Organ donation is a start but there is much more that Theresa May and the Conservatives can learn from Welsh Labour, argues Welsh health secretary Vaughan Gething AM  In the middle of the chaos, the coughing and the catastrophe, Theresa May did actually manage to splutter out a couple of interesting things in her now infamous …

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The radical Welsh health tradition

Rebecca Evans AM  |  13 July 2017

Wales is once again at the forefront of new thinking for improving public health, says Rebecca Evans AM  Wales has a long and proud history of taking radical action to protect the nation’s public health. The Public Health (Wales) Act, which received royal assent this month, is the latest example of how we can – and …

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Welsh Labour remains an offer of stability

Nick Thomas-Symonds MP  |  27 April 2017

The strong leadership Labour offers in Wales is being undermined by a Tory government in Westminster, writes Nick Thomas-Symonds I was elected to parliament in May 2015 as one of 25 Welsh Labour members of parliament. Over the course of the last two years I have seen at first-hand the work Welsh Labour MPs have …

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A prosperous Wales without poverty

Victoria Winckler  |  17 November 2016

Last week the Joseph Rowntree Foundation published its report – Prosperity without Poverty – on how poverty in Wales could be reduced so that by 2030 the poverty rate will be less than 10 per cent, and that nobody is ever destitute. A mere 14 years away – before the HS2 line to Manchester and Leeds …

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Letter From … Cardiff

Vaughan Gething AM  |  20 July 2016

It is a difficult time at present, with uncertainty about the country’s future following the European Union referendum, and uncertainty about our party’s leadership at a United Kingdom level. These are some of the lessons I have learned from governing in Wales where we still have a Labour government. First, leadership matters. In Wales, we have made good …

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Labour tales in modern Britain

Adam Harrison  |  15 June 2016

Adam Harrison with the latest from the wonk world This age of post-truth politics can sometimes feel a little fantastical. In thinking about the publication of Jon Cruddas’ independent review of Labour’s election defeat and Tristram Hunt’s new book on England, a host of myths and fairytales rose to retell themselves. The five years following …

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Economy first

Carywn Jones  |  7 June 2016

If we vote for Brexit, many companies will leave Wales, says Carwyn Jones  As I chatted to voters campaigning across Wales during the recent assembly elections, one notion cropped up more than any other in our conversations – working together. In communities right across the country, the individuals, families and businesses I met would tell me …

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No time for complacency

Nia Griffith MP  |  11 May 2016

Last Thursday voters in Wales gave Labour a clear mandate to form another government in Cardiff Bay. We always knew this would be a tough election, but our strong local campaigns and our inclusive message meant that we kept all but one of our seats to remain by far the largest party in the assembly. …

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Together for Wales

Mary Wimbury  |  29 April 2016

As Labour’s lead North Wales regional list candidate I have been campaigning across the nine constituencies in the region: from the industrial North East to the Welsh language heartlands of the North West. We were narrowly beaten to the final seat by the Liberal Demmocrats in the last assembly elections and given the collapse in …

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Fluid English identity

Michael Taylor  |  19 August 2015

There is a headlong rush to the sunlit uplands where easy answers lay. One route is being blazed by the Corbynistas. Abler comrades than I can contribute to Progress to slay that particular dragon. Another is for a reawakening of an English identity. There are two sides to this, an organisational move to an English …

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