Who gains?

Who gains?

Liz Kendall MP  |  11 April 2016

The Tories’ capital gains tax cut reveals their true colours, writes Liz Kendall Last month’s budget was a disaster for the Tories, and more importantly failed the country. Labour should be bold in setting out our alternative vision for Britain. We want a country that is confident about coping with adversity, secure in ourselves and our …

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Co-invest in people’s futures

Julia Unwin  |  11 April 2016

Tackling the causes of poverty can help to address asset inequality Asset inequality accretes over time: a family’s ability to invest in education and skills, housing, and new enterprises is largely linked to their income from prior earnings or inheritances. The issue is made worse in the United Kingdom through a dysfunctional housing market, where volatility has led to …

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Equality in ownership

Nick Pearce  |  11 April 2016

Housebuilding and taxes must come centre-stage The argument for widely spread asset-ownership is a politically ecumenical one. On the left, a radical tradition of supporting equality in property ownership can be traced back to Tom Paine, via a host of thinkers such as the economist James Meade, the Labour revisionist Douglas Jay, and pre-war social liberals like Leonard …

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