Winning With Women guest edit

Young Labour women as pioneers

Bex Bailey  |  12 September 2013

We won’t win over young women voters in 2015 unless we employ the skills of our talented young women activists. Developing young women within the Labour party is vital to mobilising young women more widely. Speaking on the opening panel at Progress’ Winning with Women conference last weekend, I chose to focus on what we …

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The growth strategy is female

Lucy Rigby  |  11 September 2013

Here’s the most important takeaway* from Progress’ seminar on the female contribution to Labour’s growth strategy at last weekend’s Winning With Women conference: according to Rebecca Simon of the Labour Women in Business Network, not only do women have something to ‘contribute’ to Labour’s growth strategy, women could BE Labour’s growth strategy. But the why …

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Winning with Women

Florence Eshalomi AM  |  30 August 2013

Next Saturday, 7 September, Progress will be hosting the first Winning with Women conference as part of the Campaign for a Labour Majority. Today on the website, a range of leading Labour women will be sharing their ideas on key policy areas and challenges to help in our overall discussions on the role that women …

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Engage, empower and employ

Johanna Baxter  |  30 August 2013

If we are to see more women in our party, and elected as representatives of it, we need to engage, empower and employ. My granny passed away recently and we said our final goodbye to her this week. She was a lovely lady who did a stint as the tea lady at Killoch Pit in …

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Community organising – what’s in it for women?

Kate Talbot  |  30 August 2013

When I was first asked to write this piece, I realised that thinking about women in the context of community organising is particularly pertinent to me: it was through a women’s safety project in Brixton that I first began to learn about Movement for Change and community organising. Back then, I didn’t really even know …

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Somali women in the Labour party

Amina Ali  |  30 August 2013

Somali women have always been engaged in politics in Somalia. In the 1970s Somalia had the largest and  strongest military in Africa and a vast number of soldiers and top military officers were women. Somali women held political office, local council office and worked in finance, business and in the media. In fact even the …

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Can Labour win the argument on childcare and social care?

Claire McCarthy  |  30 August 2013

Whether or not the Labour party can win the argument on how best Britain can meet the growing challenge of providing high-quality care for both the youngest and oldest members of our society is a question only the party itself can answer. It is certainly in the interest of families that Labour tries hard to …

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The Commission on Older Women

Fiona Mactaggart MP  |  30 August 2013

A year ago at Labour party conference, Harriet Harman launched Labour’s Commission on Older Women. This responded to the emergence of a new generation of active older women in their fifties and sixties who have led very different lives from their mothers. These are women who have been ‘doing it all’ – caring for both …

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A quiet revolution in public services

Lib Peck  |  30 August 2013

In the lexicon of modern politics, the phrases ‘community engagement’ and ‘consultation’ are all too often overused, lacking both clarity and commitment from those who spout it. The fact that they are a tick box exercise does none of us any favours; it feeds public cynicism and tends to turn off the residents we want …

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Pushing the boundaries on jobs and childcare

Sarah Hayward  |  30 August 2013

What can Labour nationally learn from Labour councils about creating opportunities for mothers by making childcare more affordable and stimulating a quality part-time and flexible labour market? Labour needs to have a plan to create jobs and invest in growth. We need a strong, skilled and diverse workforce ready for the challenges of the future. …

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