Women’s equality


Jess Phillips MP  |  15 September 2017

Without cues, without exposure, the questions about the women who changed Britain never get asked, argues Jess Phillips The world is currently caught up in a debate about statues. The shadow of the killing in Charlottesville by far-right protesters could leave most sane-minded people thinking this is a lot of fuss over a lump of metal. …

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Remembering the Matchgirls’ strike

Lyn Brown MP  |  8 March 2017

All children should learn about the hidden story of the Matchgirls’ strike, argues Lyn Brown MP The received wisdom is that the heroic London dockers of 1889 led the way towards social justice, greater equality and spurred the foundation of the Labour movement. In fact it was London’s working class women, a year earlier, who were the vital …

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Everywoman: A review

Bex Bailey  |  1 March 2017

Bex Bailey finds encouragement from Jess Phillips’ feminist volume ‘You will never be popular’, starts Jess Phillips – words spoken to her by Harriet Harman when she first began speaking out for women in parliament. Women who speak out tend to receive a barrage of abuse – especially, ironically, when they are talking about the abuses …

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Scapegoating feminists is never the answer

Sarah Ditum  |  2 December 2016

Emily Brothers, former Labour parliamentary candidate for Sutton and Cheam, writes that Labour needs ‘trans respect not transphobia’. It is a shame that she makes this call using language that is, at best, dismissive of the feminist movement and at worst taps into profound misogyny. The move towards greater public acceptance and institutional recognition for …

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Job centres are failing young women

Miriam Mirwitch  |  15 November 2016

A report published today by Young Women’s Trust has found that job centres are failing to help women into work. Just 19 per cent of young women who visited a job centre in the past year reported that it helped them to find a job. Young women are more likely to be out of employment, …

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Early evening socialism

Christabel Cooper  |  13 September 2016

Like many working mothers, the news that I was the victim of discrimination by being excluded (because of my gender) from after-work drinks, came as something of a surprise. An analysis of after-work drinking (or ‘early evening socialising’ as it is apparently known) in my own workplace, plus a wider sample drawn from walking past …

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Back to the 1950s

Harriet Harman MP  |  13 June 2016

The facts are clear: women would lose out if we quit the European Union, warns Harriet Harman The polling – if it can be believed – shows voting intentions on whether to remain in or leave the European Union on a knife edge. And certainly we all meet many of the hundreds of thousands of people …

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Riots should not define Oldham

Jean Stretton  |  23 May 2016

It is 15 years this week since Oldham was plunged into dark riotous scenes that none os will ever forget. It is an unhappy anniversary and yet it has remained constantly at the forefront of our minds since then in everything we are doing to improve the prospects of our people, business and places. Today the …

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Barriers to the bar

Ria Bernard  |  12 May 2016

The Young Fabians’ Women in Leadership project aims to explore and identify the barriers women face in obtaining positions of leadership across a range of industries. While there has been a focus on women’s representation in different sectors, especially those considered male-dominated, this series is primarily interested in the representation of women in the top …

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Should men stand aside?

Christabel Cooper  |  14 April 2016

It is 37 years since Margaret Thatcher became Britain’s first female prime minister. This is literally a lifetime ago for around half the United Kingdom population, so it is depressing that Alison McGovern opened the seminar following the International Women’s Day edition of Progress magazine, with the assertion that little has changed in politics. A …

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