women’s rights

Labour cannot sit on its hands

Charlotte Norton  |  12 October 2017

There is an appetite for change on abortion rights in Northern Ireland. Labour must offer its support to the women fighting to make that change happen, writes Charlotte Norton The law that covers abortion in Northern Ireland is the 1861 Offences Against the Persons Act. Under that law, women who have, or attempt, an abortion can …

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Jess Phillips MP  |  15 September 2017

Without cues, without exposure, the questions about the women who changed Britain never get asked, argues Jess Phillips The world is currently caught up in a debate about statues. The shadow of the killing in Charlottesville by far-right protesters could leave most sane-minded people thinking this is a lot of fuss over a lump of metal. …

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The Last Word: Correcting a historic injustice

Richard Angell  |  30 June 2017

A big win for Stella Creasy, fighting for single market membership, cracks in Labour’s newfound unity, and a thank you – Progress director Richard Angell has this week’s Last Word I am proud to know Stella Creasy on most days, but yesterday she showed politics and our movement at its best. She spoke with power …

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Forward, not back on women’s representation

Bex Bailey  |  22 June 2017

The general election represented a welcome stride forward for the Labour party on women’s representation – but the job is far from done, argues former NEC youth rep Bex Bailey Labour now has more women MPs than at any point in its history. We must seize on this progress and not stop until we have achieved …

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Remembering the Matchgirls’ strike

Lyn Brown MP  |  8 March 2017

All children should learn about the hidden story of the Matchgirls’ strike, argues Lyn Brown MP The received wisdom is that the heroic London dockers of 1889 led the way towards social justice, greater equality and spurred the foundation of the Labour movement. In fact it was London’s working class women, a year earlier, who were the vital …

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Everywoman: A review

Bex Bailey  |  1 March 2017

Bex Bailey finds encouragement from Jess Phillips’ feminist volume ‘You will never be popular’, starts Jess Phillips – words spoken to her by Harriet Harman when she first began speaking out for women in parliament. Women who speak out tend to receive a barrage of abuse – especially, ironically, when they are talking about the abuses …

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Tackling sexist dress codes

Tori Rigby  |  1 February 2017

Parliament must act to ensure that discriminatory dress codes that cause women pain, discomfort and stress are stamped out, writes Tori Rigby We have all heard of service with a smile. But have you heard of service with osteoarthritis? No? Well, how about service with skin lesions or fractured bones? When employers make wearing high heels, …

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Trump’s assault on women’s rights

Sally Keeble  |  26 January 2017

Donald Trump’s executive order restricting abortion will have a chilling effect on women’s rights around the globe, argues Sally Keeble For sheer viciousness, Donald Trump’s choice of victim for his presidential bullying takes some beating. Picture a woman in Sierra Leone, pregnant with a child whose birth may threaten her own life and those of her surviving …

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A message to Donald Trump

Bex Bailey  |  23 January 2017

#womensmarch sent a message to world leaders everywhere that women will not back down, writes Bex Bailey As Donald Trump settled in to the Oval Office on Saturday, millions of people worldwide took to the streets to march for women’s rights. In London, Labour members, trade unionists and thousands of first-time marchers mobilised too. Spectators …

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Scapegoating feminists is never the answer

Sarah Ditum  |  2 December 2016

Emily Brothers, former Labour parliamentary candidate for Sutton and Cheam, writes that Labour needs ‘trans respect not transphobia’. It is a shame that she makes this call using language that is, at best, dismissive of the feminist movement and at worst taps into profound misogyny. The move towards greater public acceptance and institutional recognition for …

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