workers’ rights

Adapt to survive

John Hannett  |  11 September 2017

Trade union decline is not inevitable, argues Usdaw general secretary John Hannett The latest figures on trade union membership in the United Kingdom showed that it fell to 6.2 million, down 4.6 per cent on last year. Times are certainly tough for unions. We are operating in a fragmented labour market, with growing levels of insecure work, …

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Time for a modern labour code

Frank Field MP  |  4 July 2017

Employment law must be changed to protect the army of working people toiling away in today’s ‘gig economy’, writes work and pensions select committee chair Frank Field MP A little over a century ago, Beatrice and Sidney Webb set out the bones of a labour code which would govern working conditions in the British economy. It was a …

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Building LGBTQ-friendly workplaces

Gideon Hymas  |  6 April 2017

Labour must do all they can to support businesses that are working hard to make their workplaces more inclusive to LGBTQ employees, writes Gideon Hymas The Labour party, more than any other political party in the United Kingdom, has driven forward the cause of LGBTQ rights, both here and abroad. While the UK is in a …

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Tackling sexist dress codes

Tori Rigby  |  1 February 2017

Parliament must act to ensure that discriminatory dress codes that cause women pain, discomfort and stress are stamped out, writes Tori Rigby We have all heard of service with a smile. But have you heard of service with osteoarthritis? No? Well, how about service with skin lesions or fractured bones? When employers make wearing high heels, …

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An uncertain future for workers’ rights

Patrick Briône  |  16 January 2017

The government’s assurances that workers’ rights will be protected post-Brexit are not convincing, writes Patrick Brione Last Friday, I watched with disappointment as a series of Conservative members of parliament spoke at great length in parliament about their favourite radio shows and recited a long series of other glib anecdotes. Their purpose? To waste parliamentary time in order …

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Tories have no mandate to water down workers’ rights

Melanie Onn MP  |  8 September 2016

This week I introduced a bill to parliament, which will protect in British law the workers’ rights currently derived from the European Union. Many suggestions were made by the Leave campaign about how the country would look, should the country vote to leave the EU – it would be free to make its own decisions, …

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Tackling the growing workplace sexual harassment crisis

Charlotte Nichols  |  10 August 2016

The TUC today released a report – ‘Still just a bit of banter?’ – about sexual harassment in the workplace, showing that more than half of all women have experienced sexual harassment at work. Alarmingly, for respondents aged 18-24, this rose to around two-thirds showing that rather than dying out with the younger generation, the issue is actually …

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The national living wage: a smokescreen for cuts?

Siobhain McDonagh MP  |  21 July 2016

The vote to leave the European Union a few weeks ago is a great indication that there are millions of people in our country who feel that they are being left behind, not sharing in the growing prosperity of others. And they are right. Unemployment may be down according to certain definitions, but poverty certainly …

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Rights to remain

John Mann MP  |  13 July 2016

Labour has not yet stood up for workers Labour needs to get on the front foot and demand clear and unambiguous rights for workers. It is extraordinary that in the post-referendum period an opposition day resolution has not already been tabled to enable a parliamentary vote to precisely and specifically endorse this. The Labour heartlands, for better …

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Trades Unions Congress

Working it out

Frances O'Grady  |  13 July 2016

Brexit must mean no dilution of workers’ rights —Leaving the European Union is not the result I wanted – or what most of our trade unions campaigned for. But we respect the view of the voters. And what matters now is making sure that, in leaving the EU, we get the best possible deal for …

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