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At Progress we are offering a number of volunteering opportunities to build your skills and help make a real difference.

We have just launched a volunteer programme where you will be part of a supported network of people. Volunteers are involved in a lot of different roles in campaigning, social media and editorial work and can all be undertaken remotely.

Progress has gone through considerable changes in the last year and our central task of renewing the centre-left in Labour has become more important than ever. People have been coming forward to volunteer to help ensure our success – to expand our reach and hold more events, increase our social media impact and hear from a greater range of voices.

What we offer our volunteers:

  • We will give you a clear and defined role
  • We will provide training and an induction into Progress
  • We will reimburse any expenses, in line with our policy
  • We offer you an opportunity to develop skills and contribute to our work in a meaningful way
  • We will provide a clear policy for reporting any grievances or concerns you may have
  • We will resolve any concerns promptly and fairly
  • We will provide references and training on interview technique if needed

How many hours would you have to commit to?

We are looking for a pool of volunteers to help us promote and shape the ideas on the centre-left so we would only be asking for a commitment of between two and five hours a month from our volunteers. We would ensure this is totally flexible, fits around your schedule and can be done at a location of your choosing unless specifically stated otherwise and all expenses are covered.

How to become a volunteer:

To volunteer with Progress you just need to complete the form below and indicate which of the roles you would be most interested in. Once you have done this our volunteer co-ordinator will be in touch to set up a time for you to talk through the role and learn more about what we do at Progress. Our volunteer coordinator will then guide you through the process of becoming a volunteer with us.

Please note this is not an internship:

Progress was one of the first groups to stop offering unpaid internships and we support changes in legislation to ensure this is not just best practice but a legal requirement.

Unlike an internship, volunteering with us is flexible and it will be up to you to determine when and for how long you work. The time commitment for any task will be made clear before you take it on and the Volunteer Coordinator will offer support if you are concerned about meeting particular deadlines. The work that you will be doing is structured to complement rather than replace any being done by paid members of staff, meaning there will be continual support from the staff team.

Volunteers are also able to choose the specific tasks they choose to work on and are able to change their level of involvement at any time to work around other commitments.

It will be up to each individual to shape the programme according to their priorities and supporting you in doing so will always be our primary objective.

The roles currently available include: 

Events volunteers

Our events team run events to support our work across the country. We are looking for volunteers to help provide support organising our events programme throughout the year.

Find out more about the role here.

Social media volunteers

We communicate our message through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and are looking for people with an interest in social media and design to help us to reach a wider audience.

Find out more about the role here.

Volunteer sub-editors

One way we promote and discuss new ideas for the centre-left is through our editorial content. With a regular magazine, weekly podcast and online articles we are never short of new content. We are looking for talented writers and editors looking to gain experience in content production.

Find out more about the role here.

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