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There is no leftwing case for Brexit

The economic case for a leftwing Brexit is based on nostalgia. Now is not the time to be looking at the past, we must look forward for answers, argues Alison McGovern

Extra: No way, Galloway

What a week it has been. On this extra show, deputy director Stephanie Lloyd catches up with her colleague Katie Curtis to discuss the Labour leadership’s response to the Labour split, how deselections could be...

72. Labour splits

This week, Alison McGovern, Stephanie Lloyd and their colleague Katie Curtis reflect on a very sad day for the Labour party – with the departure of seven members of parliament to form an independent parliamentary group...

70. Brexit and the age of austerity

Did austerity cause Brexit? Henna chats to James Kirkup, director of the Social Market Foundation, about the bedroom tax, the remain youthquake fallacy, and getting ASOS delivery drivers better working conditions. PLUS...

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